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Rare Talent Sports & Entertainment specializes in helping exceptional people build a rewarding career, a satisfying lifestyle, and a legendary legacy. With a focus on sports recruiting, sports management, and more, see how Rare Talent will help you rise to the next level.


We are proud to offer the full range of services in a variety of practice areas, including:

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are crucial to an athlete’s or entertainer’s career. Our agents have years of experience negotiating and drafting contracts. We anticipate what our clients’ needs will be — both now and in the future — to better protect their rights and interests and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

NIL / Endorsements

Our agents will help you identify opportunities and navigate the complexities of negotiating the terms of endorsement and sponsorship deals with the right brand partners. For college athletes (and eligible high school athletes), we’ll guide you through the ever-changing landscape of NCAA, state, and university laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to NIL, eligibility, etc. We will protect your rights while helping you understand, develop, and manage new business, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle partnerships to realize your goals.

Marketing, Branding, & Promotion

Our agents give an unlimited amount of attention to a limited number of clients. We get to know clients on a personal level to understand their personality and purpose and help them leverage social media and networking platforms to maximize their value. We build creative brand positioning and strategy to best align with clients’ short- and long-term goals. Our job is to help you build and grow a worldwide brand that maximizes your opportunities and revenues.

Contract Negotiations

At Rare Talent, we believe a win today should enhance your future as well. Not only do we believe it is our job to provide honest, accurate, and practical advice to prepare our clients for the realities of the sports and entertainment industries, but also how to best prepare for a successful career after you step away from the bright lights. We work with clients to build and nurture relationships that will help ease the transition into the workplace to begin your next adventure, ensuring a productive and fulfilling secondary career. Fields, courts, pitches, and stages are just the beginning. We are focused on your success inside the lines and under the lights, as well as your success away from them.

Digital & Social Media Influencer Strategy Development

Every client’s story is unique, and every client has a brand to build. Personal branding is a crucial element in your career. We take the time to understand your values, desires, and needs for your personal brand. By finding what makes our clients unique, we will differentiate them from the crowd through strategy, regular analysis, creative thinking, and consistency across social media platforms and communications.

Draft Prep / Coach / Rehab Vetting and Selection

Deciding whether to enter the draft and getting an athlete drafted and signed by a team are the first steps in the process to launching your career. Rare Talent understands that finding the best trainers and support staff to prepare clients for the draft, an upcoming season, or continuous improvement will lead to a longer and more lucrative career for our clients. We will help you find the right personnel to get you on the field, keep you there, or return to it.

Charitable & Community Development

We recognize that our clients are more than just athletes and entertainers. They are beacons for the communities they represent. We encourage our clients to take part in charitable activities and events to make an impact in their hometown and the cities in which they work. Rare Talent agents will assist and support clients in foundation development, event planning, media awareness, and fundraising to leave their mark and create a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

Client Concierge Services

Rare Talent agents recognize that finding the right team off the court allows our clients to focus on being the best they can be on the court. We leverage our connections with third-party service providers to find the best team to fit your needs—no matter what those needs may be. We are experienced in vetting all types of service providers and will put together the right team to help you navigate this process.