Caleb Huntley’s seasons comes to an early close

Caleb Huntley’s stand-out season came to an early close the in the second play of the Falcons vs. Saints game with an Achilles injury. However, Huntley did not jog off the field. Instead, he lined up for the next snap to make a block in pass protection. According to Coach Arthur Smith, “It was one of the most unusual things I’ve seen,” Smith said. “He injured his Achilles the second play – he didn’t go down; he stayed in there. I don’t know how the hell he did that, to be honest.”

This act of perseverance is just a glimpse of Huntley’s passion for this game. Huntley put the team above himself. He has proved to Coach Smith, the team, and the fans that he belongs on that field.

Huntley is a force to be reckoned with, from starting at training camp to rushing 366 yards on 76 carries (4.8 yards per carry) and one touchdown. This energy and persistence are what make a great player. Coach Smith knows what Caleb brings to the team, saying, “All those things that you look for, the qualities that we value, Caleb, ’s got them.” Smith is confident that Caleb will return from this setback stronger than ever.

Huntley tweeted after the injury, “I’m in a good state of mind. I’m locked in. I’ve been down before, but never out. The comeback will be something to write out.” If anyone is going to overcome this injury physically and mentally, it will be Caleb.

Article: “How the Hell?”